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HomeFirst Home Healthcare Caregiver

Why Choose Us:

Our Vision


The vision of HomeFirst Home Healthcare is to be a trusted partner, to provide a full array of services, to enable staff to achieve excellence, and to operate with transparency and fiscal responsibility.

About HomeFirst Home Healthcare


HomeFirst Home Healthcare is recognized as the most trusted healthcare provider in the industry.  We have a strong foundation built on our dedication to operate with the utmost integrity and create trust by providing high quality, patient-centered care.  We continuously refine our proven methods of caring for the patient throughout their lifetime that is recognized for transforming how care is delivered.  The care we provide makes us the leading healthcare provider in the markets we serve.

For Patients And Their Families


HomeFirst Healthcare provides a full array of services to respond to the pre- and post-acute needs of the patient.  Our people practice the Golden Rule, as we treat all that we are privileged to serve the way we would want to be treated with excellent, compassionate, quality care leading to the best outcomes possible.  We are the healthcare provider of choice and those who experience HomeFirst, refer us to others.

Core Values

  • We provide high-quality, patient-centered care leading to the best possible outcomes.
  • We proactively seek to understand each patient’s needs and satisfaction with us.
  • We demonstrate dignity and respect and are sensitive to their needs.
  • We always operate with the utmost integrity and create trust in all relationships with patients, families, and providers.
  • We are a compassionate organization as we practice the Golden Rule and treat all that we touch as we would want to be treated.

For Our Employees And Staff

HomeFirst Home Healthcare employment

HomeFirst is a place where they love working as they are truly valued, treated with dignity and respect and are encouraged to be the best they can be.  They understand and believe in our mission and are enthusiastic and passionate about the critical role they have in both the success of the company and the outcomes of patients.  HomeFirst provides training, development, state-of-the-art technology, opportunities for personal growth and open lines of communication.  They believe in HomeFirst’s mission and strive to do the right things, the right way, all the time.

Core Values

  • We recognize our employees are our most important resource in accomplishing our mission.
  • We treat all employees with dignity, respect, and compassion.  We provide a place of work that is recognized as superior and desirable.
  • We proactively seek to understand each employee’s needs and satisfaction with us.
  • We provide honest, accurate, clear communication throughout all levels of the organization.
  • At all level’s employees have confidence in the leadership of the organization.
  • We have unwavering corporate integrity and ethics in all we do.

For The Communities We Serve


HomeFirst is known as a company that practices good stewardship and citizenship.  We recognize that being socially responsible is good for the community and good for us as well.  Our employees are supported and encouraged to be personally active in the community by volunteering and serving local events, causes and organizations for the “good of the community.”  The community recognizes us as being a good employer and a trusted community asset.  We continually guide our company with these ideals in order to leave a positive, enduring legacy to those who follow us.

Core Values

  • We are known as a company that practices good community stewardship.  We recognize that being socially responsible is good for the community and for us as well.
  • The communities we serve are something we value, and this partnership makes us an attractive employer and proud as a company.
  • The community recognizes us as a good employer and for being proactive in local affairs.

For Our Investors

Attention to detail

We operate with transparency at all levels, fiscal integrity, and financial soundness.  We provide a fair, consistent return on investment, which is the result of our high-quality operations that are built on excellence.  We attract the capital we need to sustain our growth while we support our mission.  As the employer of choice and the provider of choice, we are a valued, recommended investment.

Core Values

  • Our investors maintain a strong and enthusiastic commitment to HomeFirst because we are a viable organization, providing increasing long-term value with profitability and return.
  • We operate with fiscal integrity and transparency at all times.
  • Our investors take great pride in the company’s sustained success and its impeccable reputation.